The Riviera Maya; host to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a fascinating mix of cosmopolitan cultures from around the globe blended with the remnants of Ancient Mayan culture, natural phenomena begging to be explored and now the fantastic culinary journey into the weird and wonderful world of the Cirque du Soleil. 

cirque du soleil- playa del carmen- riviera maya 

vidanta-riviera maya- playa del carmen

 riviera maya- la joya- cirque du soleil

A shining jewel in the crown of the Riviera Maya, the Vidanta theater is a delight to the senses with its magnificent architecture that ushers us into the fantasy world that only Cirque du Soliel can provide.  The majestic thatched roofs, dazzling water features and sensational lighting give theater goers sense of awe and wonder from the moment they alight from their transport and find themselves presented with this incredible sparkling oasis in the jungle. 

la joya- cirque du soleil- playa del carmen  

la joya- cirque du soleil- vidanta- playa del carmen

playa del carmen- dinner show- theater- cirque du soleil

cirque du soleil- la joya- theater- riviera maya

 dinner show-theater- cirque du soleil- playa del carmen

 cuisine- theater- dinning- playa del carmen

theater- cirque du soleil- art- playa del carmen 

Every last detail has been considered in this unforgettable journey to the glint-edged fantastic world of La Joya, the waiters and hostesses are in ornate costumes, the VIP service is nothing short of remarkable and the cuisine!  For those of you who consider yourself foodies- you WANT to see and taste the opulent and ornate molecular cuisine at this elegant venue!  Even the menu program is printed on rice paper and severed with a variety of pates, sauces, and taste sensations to whet your appetite for the delights that follow. 

fine dining- playa del carmen- cirque du soleil 

 dinning- playa del carmen- cirque du soleil

Champagne, always in perfect taste, and any number of specialty cocktails are offered by impeccable service staff, as well as course after course of exquisitely crafted culinary treats, followed with an entire book-full of desserts- just for you!  For those of us who cannot decide which dessert to order, dessert is served as four intricately sculpted, ambrosial confections, each one more sumptuous than the next.  While the meal is a first class pleasure of its own, it is also accompanied by music played by a wonderful concerto trio that plays a mix of Caribbean music that helps to set the stage for the intensity of the masterpiece of showmanship, sound, lights, and scenery that is to follow. 

la joya- cirque de soleil- riviera maya- playa del carmen 

fine dining- cirque du soleil- playa del carmen

cirque du soleil- playa del carmen- riviera maya 

 fine dining- playa del carmen- theater- cirque du soleil

dinner show- theater- la joya- riviera maya 

 cirque du soleil- playa del carmen- la joya- riviera maya

gourmet cuisine- playa del carmen- cirque du soleil 

cirque du soleil- playa del carmen- riviera maya- la joya 

Cirque du Soleil is world famous for transporting its patrons into a mesmerizing world where the imagination is stretched and art in motion knows no boundaries: La Joya has all of the charm and grandeur we have come to expect Cirque du Soleil and does not disappoint in continuing to inspire and amaze its audiences. 

 cirque du soleil- riviera maya- playa del carmen

 la vidanta- la joya-cirque du soleil- playa del carmen

cirque du soleil- playa del carmen- theater- dinner show

cirque du soleil- riviera maya- playa del carmen- vidanta 

 riviera maya- playa del carmen- cirque du soleil 

The newest brilliant gemstone in the gilded crown of the Riviera Maya, La Joya is well worth an evening of your precious vacation time.  For more information about show times and prices please consult the La Joya website. 





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