One of the many joys of living in Playa del Carmen is day (or weekend) tripping!  There is a seemingly endless supply of fantastic, magical and completely different places to see just a car ride (and/or maybe a boat) away!  Weekend getaways to tropical islands, colonial towns, archeological zones, and the dense tropical jungles are all within easy reach for even the most conservative travelers. 

Ek Balam is a beautiful, while lesser known archeological site with fewer tourists than Chichen Itza or Tulum.  It is characterized by the incredibly well preserved original stucco covered altar at the top of its largest structure.  A site well worth visiting for those interested in the Mayan culture.  

The town of Ek Balam is an excellent choice for a day outing at the archeological site or for the more adventurous, this tiny town of about 300 people is a wonderful place to settle in and experience the distinct rhythm of life of a Mayan town deep in the Yucatan jungle.  For transitioning into the peaceful bliss in harmony with the tropical jungle, Genesis Eco-Oais is a wonderful catalyst. 

"A Paradisal little Eco Lodge for Independent Travelers who love Nature, Maya Culture and Archaeology."

Genesis Retreat Ek Balam

This eco-hotel is characterized by beautifully designed intermingling indoor and outdoor spaces, that invite relaxation and integration with the natural surroundings.

Natural Cenote Pool


There are plenty of places to hang around and observe the luscious natural permaculture gardens that have been loving cultivated over the past 12 years. 

Eco Resort

Each of the rooms at this eco-oasis have indoor and outdoor spaces for relaxing along with plenty of natural light and airflow. 

Eco Chic Accomodations 

The founder of this eco-retreat has made it her mission to cater to a different type of tourism.  Off the beaten path travelers, nature lovers, conservationists, and those who are interested in culture, archeology, history, permaculture, gardening, and local cuisine are welcomed with a bounty of information, classes, activities and heartfelt smiles. 

Eco Chic Travel

This is an especially fantastic adventure for families and is a natural way to board topics such as; healthy eating, cultural differences, wealth disparity, family unity, and conservation making this a journey of self discovery as well as an exercise in observation and learning together.  

Eco Chic Travel

Relax in Nature

 The rooms are comfortable and filled with whimsical touches.

Eco Chic Getaway


 Ek Balam Eco Retreat

Coexist with Nature

Genesis Retreat Eco Resort

The swimming pool is a natural cenote.  It is fed with the crystal clear, cool water of the underground river system that flows beneath the Yucatan Penninsula.  This natural phenomena is celebrated by the ancient Mayan cultures, on a hot tropical, steamy jungle afternoon you can get an idea first hand of why, as you thank the gods of the waters for this cool respite from the heat of the day.

Cool Off Naturally

A fantastic way to relax after exploring the nearby ancient Mayan ruins.

Genesis Retreat Ek Balam, Yucatan

Surrounded by coconuts palms, banana plants, papaya trees, chaya bushes, and other edible tropical foilage there is no shortage of healthy organic food to grace your plate.

Genesis Eco Retreat

The only sounds are the songs of the jungle birds, frogs and animals mixed with the noises of the small local population of thatched roof, cement and stick houses.  

Life in the Treetops

Go Green!

With plenty of space to stretch out and relax this is the perfect laid back atmosphere for finding yourself, reconnecting with your partner or your family or simply, "getting away from it all".

Genesis Eco Resort Ek Balam

Find yourself by losing yourself in the jungle of the Yucatan at Genisis Eco-Resort. 

Cheers to a WONDERFUL getaway! 


 Love Juliot walked across the California, Mexico border with a backpack and the intent to travel all of Mexico and Central America.  Eight years later, her journeys continue throughout the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula.  She currently resides in Playa del Carmen and spends her time exploring this magical area.   She enjoys working for BuyPlaya, a local Playa del Carmen real estate company as the Social Media Community Manager.  A long time blogger and travel writer, sociologist at heart and amateur photographer she is enthusiastic about Mexico travel and culture.  Follow Lisa on Twitter, Facebook/BuyPlaya and Google+ to find out more about her adventures, events in the Mexican Caribbean and information about living in Playa del Carmen.