Cruz Roja ~ The Red Cross located on Avenida Juarez and Avenida 25 has moved.  Since the 1st of November, the well known, non-profit medical organization has been operating from their new temporary location in the Villas del Sol neighborhood while their new building is under construction. 


 Playa del Carmen Red Cross

Red Cross Playa del Carmen  

This Red Cross building will permanently house a Red Cross Clinic and a 24-hour Pharmacy to serve the western communities of Playa de Carmen.  The downtown location was sold in order to expand their services and fund the two new locations. 

 Red Cross Playa del Carmen

 Red Cross Locations Playa del Carmen

The new building near the governmental annex  in Villa Mar II that houses the Transit, Judicial, Social Security and Civil Protection offices, is scheduled for completion December 7th, 2013, but does not appear to be on schedule for opening to the public by this date.  The Red Cross should be fully operating within the first months of the New Year, with new expanded services including a womens' health gynecological clinic, a pediatrics clinic, and a recovery area where patients can receive same-day treatments and minor out-patient surgeries that were not possible at the old facility.  The medical laboratory, pharmacy, ultrasound lab, dentist and optometrist services that were available at the downtown location will be relocated to the new location in Villa Mar II, near the governmental annex, as well.


The new distribution of the Red Cross buildings will be advantageous for the residents of Playa del Carmen, especially those who require immediate emergency assistance.  The ambulances will have better circulation throughout the city now that they will have access to a better parking area and will not be in the heart of the congestion of the downtown and beach traffic.


To contact the Red Cross, dial 065 for emergency and ambulance services or 984-873-1233.  For general information and locations in Playa del Carmen, you can also email them directly at .






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