In the past few years, Playa del Carmen has transformed into a foodie paradise! Whether you're living in Playa del Carmen or just passing through, a visit to at least one of these local favorites is essential to experiencing this beach city's eclectic vibe.

Almirante Pech Playa del Carmen restaurant 


Almirante Pech

The new kid on 5th Avenue! Almirante Pech has crazy design with all kinds of interesting style details. Open-air dining and a huge outdoor bar are just the beginning: the food is pretty incredible. I'm obsessed with their airy panuchos, and a friend of mine is still talking about their watermelon gazpacho months later.



Located right on 5th Avenue at the corner of Calle 22, Yaxché serves up Mayan fuision cuisine. While the presentation of each dish has its own modern twist, the ingredients and flavors are just what you'd find in Yucatan. 


100% Natural

You won't find anything too crazy here... 100% Natural is all about natural ingredients and fresh food. They're famous for their fruit and vegetable juices, but I go for the cranberry wrap. With a tropical garden-style atmosphere on 5th Avenue between Calle 10 and 12, it's my favorite little lunch spot!


Sur Argentina Steakhouse

Right at the 5th Avenue entrance to Calle Corazón, this outdoor steakhouse sits beneath a giant tree with hanging lanterns. The romantic vibe, upscale atmosphere and fun people watching make for a memorable dinner out on the town. I'm not much of a steak person, but the soups and empanadas are pretty great.



Whenever I'm in Playa, I try to talk my friends into drinks at Fusion. Here, you'll find indoor and outdoor dining right on the beach at the end of Calle 6, with live concerts or fire shows every night. Most of the tables are on the sand, so skip the heels and bring your flip flops.


Pizza Pazza

I know, I know... a hole-in-the-wall, pizza-by-the-slice joint doesn't really fit on this list. Still, my brain is filled with fond memories of freshly baked pizza at 3 am after a night bar-hopping in Playa. Pizza Pazza has numerous locations up and down 5th Avenue; you might or might not find any tables, but they all have little counters where you can savor your slice for just a few pesos.


Trattoria Pizzeria Romeo

I didn't discover this little gem until recently! Set on Calle 4 between 10th and 15th Avenue, it has Italian chefs, wood-fired ovens and homemade pasta. It's been highly recommended to me by several Playa del Carmen locals, so it must be good!


Babe's Noodles and Bar

I challenge you to find a Playa del Carmen resident who doesn't love this place. A great location on Calle 10 sets Babe's near all the action, serving a combination of European and Asian cuisine in a colorful atmosphere.


La Cueva del Chango

Choose a table in the relaxing gardens or in the restaurants cave. This restaurant on Calle 38 has a truly unique atmosphere serving a mix of Mexican and Mayan cuisine, perfect for when you're looking for a little something different.



Alux just might be the city's most famous restaurant. Enjoy cocktails or an unforgettable dinner inside a real cavern, complete with a beautiful bar, dining and a contemporary lounge ambiance. This is what Playa del Carmen is all about.