Recent reports have discovered that 1.6 million American households have already decided that they want to repatriate to another country with another 1.8 million seriously considering it in the near future. With more and more people contemplating this route as a viable option for their family's future, the market is becoming increasingly competitive and the decision of where to relocate or where to buy property to is becoming increasingly important, but also increasingly difficult to make.

American Expats in Mexico

There is often a tendency within people to follow the latest trend, or to make the decision without exploring their options completely. With that in mind, it is important to approach the decision making process with an open mind. Often when beginning to research a possible destination, you will be bombarded with statistics and hearsay and will naturally pick up on any stigma that may be attached to a country. It is important to put these things to the back of your mind and look at each option without preconceptions. This is possibly the biggest decision you will ever make and should be made with all the information you need so you can make a rational decision on where is the best destination for you and your family.

One country that suffers from social stigma is Mexico. With so much over reporting of violence in Mexico, many people has misconceptions about Mexico. These types of fears are largely unfounded. In fact, when compared to the United States, the violence and crime rates in Mexico are considerably lower city by city.

Idyllic Mexico

Beaches of Mexico 

Mexico is a relative unknown to most people but, it has countless desirable locations throughout its vast land mass.  For anyone, who dreams of luxurious beaches and a warm climate, Mexico should be very high on the list of potential destinations. With destinations such as Los Cabos and Las Hadas, Mexico is renowned for having some of the world most idyllic beach resorts and scenery.

Away from the beaches, Mexico is home to some of the world most beautiful landmarks, such as The Pre-Columbian pyramids of Teotihuacan, which lies just outside of Mexico City itself and of course the world famous Maya City of Chichen Itza, which brings in a massive amount of tourism every year and helps with the growth of the Mexican economy.

Chichen Itza 


Cutting the Red Tape

If you have made the decision to relocate your family to Mexico, there are of course a few bits of red tape that you will need to pass, just like most other countries you will be required to have possession of a valid visa, once this has been achieved there are a few other small issues of which you should be aware...
Cut through the Red Tape with BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors

Once you have decided to relocate to Mexico, you will want to sort yourself out with somewhere to live and a great Real Estate company to assist you.  Now, as mentioned previously, Mexico's beaches are a very big draw for most tourists, and this extends to expats and people wishing to relocate. There is a small issue though for the latter; Mexican law does not permit foreigners to own a property within a 30-mile radius of the coast. But don't fret, there are ways around this issue, one of which is to set up a fideicomiso (Real Estate Trust), which technically puts the bank as the owners of your property, but gives you all of the rights including the improvement and selling of the property. There have also been forward steps on the mortgage front, with the relaxing of certain rules that will allow for more options if you are looking to buy in Mexico, this coupled with the recent drop in Mortgage rates, means there is no better time to look into these options.  There are also financing options available in the form of Cross-Border Mortgages which offer variable rates to allow you to own the property you dream of owning at a cost that will not mean sacrificing the dream lifestyle you want to go with it.

Healthcare Considerations

Excelent Medical Care in Mexico

Healthcare is always a concern for people who are set to leave their native home; they often worry about sub-standard care and facilities. This is not an issue with Mexican healthcare however, in fact, Mexico boasts several first class healthcare establishments, which in most cases offer not only a top quality of treatment, but also at a cheaper cost than what you are used to.

Expat Communities in the Heart of Mexico

Expats enjoying life in Playa del Carmen

Mexico already consists of several well developed expat communities, which are a monumental help when relocating as they offer the support you will need to acclimatise and also stand as a good guide to where the best options are with regards location. One of the biggest expat communities is based in Playa del Carmen, which is also one of the fastest growing and most popular destinations for people wishing to relocate, not just in Mexico but in the entire world. Playa del Carmen offers you a plethora of choices, from beach front condos and exclusive ‘gated' communities to colonial town houses. It can also boast some of Mexico's finest beaches, shops, restaurants and has easy access to places such as Cancun, as well as the places of high archaeological significance.

Don't overlook Mexico or dismiss it on a whim. The real Mexico has so much to offer and places such as Playa del Carmen can be the ideal starting block for your family. Why not make your next vacation a Mexican vacation and discover its riches for yourself?




About the Author- Eve Redding is a freelance writer who works on behalf of a number of UK finance sites and product comparison companies. Understanding all your financial options is important and the Internet empowers ordinary people with information before they meet advisers - something that was never possible for them before.