Our ears are burning with the hot gossip we are hearing around town here in Playa del Carmen! We won't name, names or say for sure what will come to pass or not, but here is the current chisme~gossip we are hearing about proposed changes and upcoming developments in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

New and Gossip from Playa del Carmen

  • OHL will develop 400 hectares of land, including a 9 hectares municipal park in front of Mayakoba, on the west side of the highway. It will have a golf course and 17K homes. Permits are being approved right now. The project has full support of the Municipality.
  • The airport will be moved to the west side of town, and INFOVIR is going to subdivide and sell the land.
  • This administration is going to start construction of the new City Hall. Within a year they expect to move part of the administrative offices to the area close to Plaza Las Americas.
  • The City Hall will be remain city property and used to cultural events.
  • 20th Avenue will remain closed in front of City Hall for an undermined amount of time. 8th Street is going to be widened between 30th and 5th Avenues and become a two-way street.
  • A 26km ciclopista~bicycle path, is being built from Xcaret to 108 Street, (Xcaret, airport, 10th AV, CTM, 5th Av, 108 Street, Federal Highway and back).
  • El Tigrillo will not have paved streets until CAPA gets in.
  • A new hotel is going to be built on the beach between 26th and 24th and 1st Avenue. This hotel will pave 26th street to the beach.
  • The abandoned construction north of Coco Bay is a developer problem. They had their permits, they said internal problems among developers is the cause for the halt in cosnstuction. They were not willing to say if the condition of the buildings is good or if it will have to be demolished.
  • 5th Avenue is being completed between 88th street and 46th street by Melia Hotels.  The city will finish it between 46th street and 38th street. No word on if it  will remain open for cars in parts or if it will be fully pedestrian only.
  • Between Hospiten and Sams Club a new mall is being built. Big Restaurant brands are attached (no names mentioned). Liverpool, across the highway, is expected to open by the end of this year.
  • There is mention of a new highway that will go around Playa del Carmen. It will go as far as 10 km west of the beach, along the Light Train railway that will join Cancun with Tulum, and possibly Merida. This is just a projected idea, but Playa's PDU contemplates its construction.
  • This month construction has started on a toll highway between Playa del Carmen and Merida. The highway starts at the west end of Avenue Colosio. It is estimated it will take only 2 1/2 hours to get to Merida on the new highway.  The project is estimated to take about 2 years to finish.

That's all the gossip we have to dish for now and remember, you didn't hear it form us!