Mexico's Caribbean coast is making health a priority, even on the beach!

San Martin Beach, located on the pristine island of Cozumel, is the first beach in Mexico to be declared "tobacco-free".

The World Health Organization (WHO) was in charge of writing up the declaration making San Martin Beach the very first public Mexican beach to be free of cigarette smoke. Currently in Latin America, there are only three beaches with this smoking restriction, and only five in the entire world. This new Cozumel law means a huge step forward for Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean in public health and environmental preservation.

Cozumel sunset 

"Declaring San Martin Beach as the first tobacco smoke-free beach in the country parts the waters for public health and environmental preservation. We hope to establish an important role model for Mexico and the Americas to replicate their own version", stated Carlos Gamez Espinosa, WHO Consultant for Mexico.

With this Cozumel law, nearly one mile of beach will be 100% free of tobacco smoke, with 12 signs placed at the beach to inform tourists and make sure they follow the new law.

Cozumel received $64,000 pesos in funding as support for the certification and for preservation.