No matter if Playa del Carmen is your vacation home, part-time residence or full-time residence.  If you are an expat, you are no stranger to frequent travel!

Here are 5 QUICK tips for expat travelers to not forget, especially for frequent flyers!

Playa del Carmen Expat Travel

1. Arrive early and don't push plane connection times. We've all been victim to hour and a half long lines through immigration and picking up luggage. It doesn't matter how many times you've flown back and forth, you can never anticipate waiting times at airports.


Playa del Carmen Travel Mexico 

2. Pack in advance and check the weight of your luggage before arriving at the airport. Baggage fees for overweight luggage of 50 pounds or more can be up to $200 per bag. Most homes don't have an industrial scale installed, of course, so a good way to check ahead is to stand on a scale while holding your bag and subtract your own weight from the scale.


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3. Make sure your immigration info is up to date and you are aware of your status. Whether you are a "stay-cationer" or full-time Expat, living and working in Mexico, be sure you know the dates on your tourist or work visa. The last thing you want is a surprise trip into the Migra office at the airport!


Traveling to Mexico 

4. Be germ free!  Be sure to use wash your hands frequently while traveling.  Airplanes, airports and taxi cabs are filled with germs! 



Playa del Carmen Expat Travel 

5. Dress in layers. Be prepared for AC set at penguin friendly levels on the airplane and to get off the plane ready for shorts and tank tops. Don't forget that traveling during winter months usually means going from one extreme to the other where weather is concerned.