President Enrique Peña Nieto recently visited the beautiful state of Nayarit to present the National Tourism Policy which aims to create greater exposure for Mexico for the world to know. The President stressed that now is the time to act and build on the tourism capital of the country. He stated that Mexico is ready to upgrade and reposition its tourism industry globally.

National Tourism Policy presented by President of Mexico in Riviera Nayarit
The new National Tourism Policy aims to establish Mexico as a global tourism power and is comprised of four guidelines:

First: Planning and Sectoral Transformation. The National Tourism Policy will be incorporated into the various levels of government, as well as the actions and budgets of federal departments involved in the sector. A Tourism Cabinet will be created and chaired by the President.

Second: Innovation and Competitiveness. Our country must diversify its product range in the future and consolidate existing destinations.

Third: Development and Promotion. The State must assume responsibility in planning; the development and promotion of our tourist destinations should be a proactive agent, and a driver and facilitator of private efforts.

Fourth: Sustainability and Social Benefit. Create instruments to turn tourism in Mexico into a clean industry; an industry that protects and preserves our natural heritage, history, and culture. Programs will be encouraged to make tourism more affordable for Mexicans so that travelling and exploring our country is not a privilege, but an opportunity available to everyone.

These guidelines aim to unveil the potential of the country in terms of tourism. It has been termed as efficient, responsible, and a forward-thinking tourism policy. The President believes that the country can better itself in the tourism sector in many ways and seeks the cooperation from his fellow citizens and responsible officials to make Mexico the number one vacation destination in the world.