Magdalena Martin is the new contact person for the European investors who plan to invest in Mexico. A native of Mexico with a French citizenship, Magdalena will promote property investment in Mexico on behalf of the  (AMPI).

AMPI - Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals

Martin worked with US investors in Cuernavaca and completed her studies from London School of Economics. International business, law and education have always been her forte. She used this knowledge to guide Europeans who expressed their interest in investing in her native country. She has directed many such clients to Cuernavaca’s firm Grupo SYS.

Guillermo Salgado Castañeda is the director of Grupo SYS and the incoming AMPI national president. This has led to the appointment of Martin as AMPI’s “ambassador” to Europe.  Sergio Gomez Ràbago has been named as AMPI’s new representative to the Board of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA).

Although the initial focus is Europe, AMPI would also like to make its move to Asia and India as well. Martin will be responsible for promoting investment in Mexico. She will also train Europeans who will act like counselors for investors on foreign investment in Mexico.

AMPI and Martin also aim to seek support from Mexico’s Economic Department of Travel and Tourism regarding this initiative. AMPI has been responsible for professionalism in the Mexican brokerage industry. They ensure that both local and foreign investors receive professional treatment. Martin will be extending this effort abroad and help the organization reach a new level of success.

Founded in 1956 in Mexico City, AMPI is the largest real estate association in Mexico. The organization has 60 regional boards throughout the country. AMPI is also the founding member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA).

Currently AMPI is engaged in the establishment of a real estate training, research and statistics Center, The Centro de Capacitación, Investigación y Estadística (CCIE).