Mexico is no longer the country which was once dismissed by everyone. Instead the improvement in terms of economy has taken everyone by surprise. The steady domestic growth, big ticket investments in Mexico realty market, abundant global liquidity and low returns on fixed-income investments to attract traders to take on risk have boosted the Mexican stock market.

According to an exchange official, the manufacturing unit of Mexico is strengthening which has resulted in narrowing the competitiveness gap with China. The GDP is expected to expand nearly 4% this year, inflation is mostly under control, banks are showing positive signs and relatively cheap real estate, these have kept the macroeconomic of Mexico in order.

Coming Years Are Going To Be Our Best In The Last 20 Years

The days of Mexico being "a boring country and a boring story" in financial circles are over, and market listings are already at a record level so far this year, said José Manuel Allende, head of strategic planning for Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, which operates the exchange. "The feeling now is that the coming years are going to be our best in the last 20 years."

Mexico Real Estate News: Mexico's Development Unfolds Unlimited Economic Potential

As the country retains its status among global investors, the series of initial public offerings and capital is sure to increase. The benchmark IPC stock index holds near record levels. In this year until now it has gained 11%, and is up about 16% in dollar terms.

Manuel Allende added that the sectors which show promise for the next include real estate, financial and infrastructure. There could be rapid growth in the energy-infrastructure subsector if the laws are amended and private investments are allowed in the state-run oil and gas industry.

The new pro-market government with President Enrique Peña Nieto bringing about much needed economic reforms confirms that the Mexico is ready to take the world in its stride economically. There are plenty of opportunities in the country as Audrey Kaplan, head of international equities at Federated Investors Inc. and manager of its $529 million InterContinental Fund informs, "There are at least 25 companies that we've been monitoring for investing in. I think relative to other economies, it is not too bad." The fund she manages has about 11% of its portfolio in Mexico, and Ms. Kaplan has been overweight in the country since the 2009. The overall fund's year-to-date return in U.S. dollars is about 13%. Mexico's close ties to a U.S. economy with moderate growth and low inflation "is positive and supportive of Mexico," she added.