On 21.12.2012 the Long Count will come to an end and will usher a new era in the world. Mexico definitely gets the credit for this phenomenal moment and the country is already drenched in celebrations. However the country has more reasons to celebrate. Even before the advent of a new era according to the Mayan calendar, the country is witnessing a new era in terms of economy and prosperity.

According to analyst Frances Karamouzis, Mexico’s I.T. offshoring industry ranks as #3 in Gartner’s global rankings. The country lags behind only India and the Philippines however it aims to take second place. This isn’t impossible for a country which claims to graduate 130,000 engineers every year, a figure which surpasses even the U.S. The penetration of iPads, social media, and downloadable apps has been immense. Artificial Intelligence technologies are also making their way into manufacturing.

With availability of such resources and the present pool of knowledge, Mexico can turn this trend in their stride. America’s manufacturing plants aren’t ready to take advantage of these technologies which opens the opportunity for Mexico. Mexican services firms can master the new technologies become America’s automaton workshop. Mexico’s growing skilled workforce and its proximity to the U.S. facilitates the idea of setting up automated manufacturing factories across the border. This will result in cost reduction and benefit both the countries.

The end of PRI party’s 12-year exile also seems to signal change for the better. Enrique Pena Nieto in his inauguration speech launched a 13-point directive covering areas such as education, technology, infrastructure, social security, pensions and the opening up of telephony and television markets.

The pro-market government with decisions like revamping of the Mexican state-owned petroleum company Pemex marks a crucial move towards liberalization and development of Mexico. The businesses in Mexico showed double-digit growth this year and this trend will be retained for next year too. The GDP rate of the country shows positive sign of growth which ensure revenue increment. A new President, new policies and growth in the education sector have equipped Mexico to have a stand of its own in the global market scenario. This trend will soon lead the country towards advancement of a new level.