With endless stretch of spotless white beach, water so clear that the bottom is visible, long hours of smiling sun and ancient ruins for rendezvous with history, Riviera Maya is a great package for a perfect holiday. Located on the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula, the region is famous for its all-inclusive resorts, ancient Mayan ruins and picturesque location. Be it the luxurious town of Playa del Carmen or the ancient town of Tulum, this region is definitely an all inclusive package.

Riviera Maya Real Estate, The Multi Colored Destination

Tourists make a beeline for this world renowned destination all round the year. The hospitality of the region is as warm as the sun. The diversity of the region is a major tourist attraction as every soul finds the personal way of amusement. From romantic beach walk under the moonlight to snorkeling deep inside, Riviera Maya is a dream come true vacation experience. Tourists as far as UK, Korea, Russia and celebs from Hollywood have paid their visit to this Caribbean jewel.

Riviera Maya is a fun place to explore. Here are few tips to keep the fun quotient soaring high:
  • If one plans to explore all that Riviera Maya has got to offer than it is advisable to get a car.

  • The unique biodiversity of the region is simply mesmerizing. It is a great place for eco-touring.

  • For financial transactions ATM's and dealing in Pesos is the best solution to avoid the 3% international fee charged by most of the credit cards.

  • Use your bargaining skills for tours and other attractions as it will fetch you a good deal.

  • For pleasant evenings Playa del Carmen is the place to be. From great food to shopping this place has it all. The vibrant and fun environment especially on the 5th Avenue street is sure to liven up anyone.

  • In Tulum possibly look out for beautiful and small beach on at the south end of the central ruins. Going further south will offer one less popular spot along with some of the cleanest, rock-less and soft beaches of the world.

  • Snorkeling and diving in a cenote in Akumal is not something to be missed. One can go to ecological center, watch short film and get equipments. Visitors can also a guide there.

    Cenore Akumal

  • To explore Cozumel it is best to rent scooters as the view is beautiful and awesome. The road is fantastic and one will find great eateries along the beach on the far side of the island.

  • The region is also great for zip-lining and playing golf.
The soothing sound of waves to calm one down or the adventure sports for the adrenalin rush, name it and you have it in Riviera Maya. It is truly the one stop destination for a complete vacation experience.