With beautiful beaches and varied activities for a fun filled holiday, Playa del Carmen is a perfect blend of Mexican ethos and modernity. The coastal resort town in Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico offers opulent array of fun options for tourist. The relaxed atmosphere coupled with luxury living makes Playa del Carmen a great holiday experience. Situated at the center of the Mayan Riviera, the region features great accessibility to any kind of touristy needs. These features make the destination grab the top spots in numerous travel listings.

A Not-to-be Missed List For Your Playa del Carmen Vacation

The beaches are always the most loved spot of Playa del Carmen despite the region housing so many other options of tourist interest. The sparkling crystal clear water, spotless sand, gentle breeze and music of waves crashing against each other are just too magnetic to shift interest to somewhere else. It is a great feeling to laze on the beach all whole day, admiring the beauty of nature and sipping in great drinks.

This joy is at its peak only when a tourist is fully equipped to combat any kind of hazards that may arise from spending so much time in the water or under the sun. It is always advisable to carry things according to the climate of the place one is visiting. However sometimes the best of planning fail hence we give you a list of essentials which one should carry for a great holiday in Playa del Carmen:
  • Skin care products which should majorly constitute of sunscreens. The more the merrier as the sun is more intense in this part of the world. A sunblock with high SPF is essential to keep your skin protected.

  • Carry more than just one pair of swimsuit. After all, it’s a beach destination. A good amount of your time will be spent around water and sand.

  • Playa del Carmen is best explored on feet hence bring along comfortable footwear. If you want to roam around the fifth avenue then in leisure then take shoes in which you can walk comfortably.

  • For walking about the beach flip flops are definitely the best bet as no amount of sand and water will then be able to deter your romantic walks along the beach. High heels are absolute no-no for beaches.

  • If sporting long hair then accessories such as hairbands are advisable.

  • The region is great for snorkeling so having your own pair of goggles, snorkel, and flippers is advisable.

  • The region also houses many fancy restaurants so one should definitely have some amount of semi-formal to formal clothing handy.

  • One think not to be missed is the camera as the natural setting of Playa del Carmen is so mesmerizing that you would want to frame it forever. If possible then consider getting an underwater camera because the fish and corals are super gorgeous.
So now that you have your list ready so hurry and hit the beaches.