Gloria Guevara Manzo, Mexico Secretary of Tourism delightfully announced the impressive progress of National Agreement on Tourism. She informed that 85% of goals have been realized. The outgoing team of Felipe Calderon created the agreement for the development of tourism in Mexico.

85% goals of National Agreement on Tourism Realized

This initiative was essential as tourism plays a vital role in the economy of Mexico. The sector represents 9% of Mexico’s GDP and generates more than 2.5 million jobs. Guevara acknowledged the commitment of industry stakeholders which facilitated the warm welcome of over 191.5 million domestic and international travelers. It is expected that by the time 2012 closes, Mexico will serve more than 200 million domestic and international tourists.

Destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Akumal in Riviera Maya region receive a bulk of tourists from Abroad and also are major real estate investment destinations in Mexico. Mexico is showing promising signs of a increase in tourism. Reputed publications such as Condé Nast has even gone to the extent of saying that Mexico is a great value for money destination.
According to the Datatur System, hotel occupancy has registered 18 months of continuous growth. Datatur System tracks 70 major tourist destinations in Mexico. Guevera said the hotel occupancy figures exceed those of 2008, considered the best year for the tourism industry in Mexico and worldwide. The entire credit was given to the coordinated efforts of tourism entities. They worked together to ensure smooth functioning of the tourism sector and development it in a way which would benefit the country.

Some of the successful tourism initiatives which have been instrumental in garnering more tourists include the 10 Routes of Mexico, the Mayan World program, and the 18 Gastronomic Routes. Guevera informed that Mexico has also strengthened the Magic Towns program, which includes 66 communities recognized for their distinctive architecture, traditions, crafts and cuisine. Prior to the conclusion of the current administration, new nominations will be presented for the Magic Towns program, which diversifies and complements Mexico’s tourist offering. With great natural beauty and speedy development Mexico has great potential for tourism development. This will in return benefit those Mexican families that depend on the travel industry and overall provide an edge to the growing economy.