Mexico is standing on firm grounds, be it on the economic front, real estate or tourism. The country is receiving accolades for its growth and development. In a recent statement issued by Bank of Mexico, it stated that the country’s financial system is on a solid footing and shielded from the crisis in Europe.
"We do not see any imbalances that could pose risks to the financial system," Bank of Mexico Gov. Agustin Carstens said. He added that Mexico's banking system is in good condition and has performed well in comparison to the situation abroad. During the presentation of the annual report on the financial system, the central bank chief said that the "scenario is pretty favorable and we do not have any concerns".

Mexico Real Estate News: Tourism and Financial System of Mexico in Good Health

"The market recognizes that Mexican financial institutions are sound and that is reflected in the recent sale of shares by Santander Mexico" on international markets, a deal that generated more than $4 billion, Carstens said. The reason why Mexico will not be affected by contagion from the banking crisis abroad was stated to be the non transfer of funds by foreign banks out of local subsidiaries to overseas units.

With such solid financial ground it is no surprise when advancement is made in the tourism sector too. During the 94th session of the executive council of the UNWTO, Mexico’s leadership in tourism was honored by Tourism ministers and representatives from more than 50 countries. The event was organized in Campeche.

“Mexico’s leadership in tourism has been outstanding and the results demonstrate that National Agreement for Tourism has been a resounding success,” said UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai, who reflected the sentiments of representatives from such countries as Jamaica, Kenya and Romania. “I trust that the next government will continue this work so that Mexico remains as one of the most-visited countries in the world.”

Mexico Secretary of Tourism of Gloria Guevara informed at the event that 2011 Mexico reached a record of 191.5 million national and international visitors. It is expected that this year the figure will touch more than 200 million travelers. Tourism is a priority industry of the country as it represents 9 percent of world GDP. The government’s effort is definitely laudable in this field.

Tourism serves as an oxygen to an array of sectors like real estate. Akumal real estate area among others in Riviera Maya has been a beneficiary of tourism growth. It's beaches and snorkeling destinations have made it a hit among tourists and expats alike.