Be in tourism, economic sphere or social upfront Mexico is just surging ahead. Mexico is rising above a myriad of problems which were keeping it down from emerging as a global power. With the gears of economy shifting, the country is sure to emerge as a leading global power. The investment sector is very promising and has been attracting the globe. The tourism sector is experiencing a boom and the manufacturing industry is attracting global interest. Real estate sector particularly in areas such Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Akumal is looking strong. More Americans and Canadians are buying Playa del Carmen condos as their retirement abode or vacation homes. The infrastructural developments are taking shape. It can be now safely concluded that Mexico has emerged out of its shadows and will now sustain for long.

Mexico’s Multi Façade Development Boosting Real Estate

Some of the outcomes for these favorable changes are testified by the following reports. In the tourism sector, Mexico Tourism campaign has won the prestigious Magellan Awards. This is the third year in a row that the marketing campaigns of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM), won the award from Travel Weekly, the main editorial group in the tourism sector. The campaign, “Mexico, the place you thought you knew” has received six Magellan awards, five golden and one silver.

Coming to economic news, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has declared Mexico as the third nation with the lowest unemployment in the “rich countries club” of the OECD. The unemployment rate in the country was 5% during September. Only Japan with a 4.2%, and Austria with a 4.5% rate of unemployment, had a lower rate than Mexico. The data confirms that Mexico’s economy is in good health.

Mexico is developing but not at the cost of environment. They have adopted the sustainable development as the motto. Focus has been shifted to cleaner and renewable sources of energy. The country is setting up an impressive clean energy infrastructure. The first large-scale solar power plant in all of Latin America was recently inaugurated in Baja California by President Felipe Calderon. Also the plan to build a new 50 MW geothermal power plant has been announced.

History testifies the fact the Mexico was always a crusader of clean energy. In 1959 it built the first geothermal power plant in the Western Hemisphere. In 1972 it created the first whale sanctuary in the world, and in 2002 it was the first country in the world to declare the whole of its territorial waters as a whale sanctuary. The solar power plant in Baja California is the first of its kind in Mexico and all of Latin America. The country is the fourth largest provider of geothermal power in the world. More such projects will come in near future. Keeping up with its commitments, the country is implementing plans and policies so that it is maintained to the fullest.

Mexico is trying its best to reduce its dependency on fossils fuel. The country is looking for development in long terms. The government is also working towards preserving the best of its natural resources for its future citizens and also providing quality life for the present generation. Such efforts are paying off well and it will reap great benefits in the future too.