NASA says Yucatan is an ideal home for Mexican Space Agency

From manufacturing automobiles to airplane engines and now ready to have its own Space Agency, Mexico is truly turning into a country with no limits. The country is considered ideal for the establishment of Mexican Space Agency in Yucatan.

Researchers and astronauts form the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made this announcement in an event held in the University Modelo. The event was organized to celebrate the University’s fifteenth anniversary.

Federal deputy Beatriz Zavala Peniche, one of the promoters of this project said that, “The most recent recommendation from NASA to install the Mexican Space Agency in Yucatan not only confirms that we were right to push in this direction, it was necessary a bit of political work to make this project a reality.”

Risk Manager of the International Space Station, NASA, Michael Lutomsky said that Yucatan is a good place to launch spacecraft into space. Dr. Helen Baker, who has traveled into space three times, agreed that the State contains everything to host its own space station due to characteristics of this region.

 “Although the lack vision of the former government Ivonne Ortega Pacheco to encourage the aerospace sector in our state, today the specialists, once again put these cards on the table”, said Zavala Peniche referring to the statements made by the Risk Manager of the NASA International Space Station Michael Lutomsky, who highlight the “good location” and the climatic conditions of the area.

Zavala Peniche believes that the promotion of the Mexican Space Agency in Yucatan will accelerate the development of protocols for scientific exchange and technological cooperation with other space agencies. This will in turn benefit Yucatecans companies who will be provided with an opportunity to provide equipment, materials, supplies and services required by projects from the different agencies involved in the aerospace industry.

Michael Lutomsky urged the need of the Mexican Space Agency, “because Mexico participates in several research projects, and the channels of dialogue and cooperation need to be set, therefore, in the future Mexico can have its own agency to practice flights into space.”

The Federal Deputy seems to be in sync with the NASA researchers regarding feasibility of the project. They are now planning to resume work of the facility which would facilitate research and consolidate the industry in Mexico, and especially in the Yucatan Peninsula.