Mexico's economy is going great guns thanks to proactive measures taken to boost development and industrialization. Now along with Mexico real estate and tourism, manufacturing is also booming.

As reported by earlier, Nissan had planned to invest $2 Billion dollars to set up a new facility in Mexico. Nissan has is the one of the biggest investors in Mexico and is now reaping the harvest.  

 A report published by stated that Jose Luis Valls, director of Nissan Motor Co. Mexico, is hopeful of rise in vehicle production from 20 percent to 25 percent by the end of 2012. By producing 607,087 units in Mexico last year, Nissan become the largest car maker in Latin America's second biggest economy.

Production will rise "more or less between 20 and 25 percent over last year," Valls informed reporters at an auto industry event. Valls also added that he was optimistic regarding the efforts of Mexican government in renegotiating trade pacts with Brazil and Argentina, which have both restricted car imports from Mexico.

"Governments from both Brazil and Argentina have started to talk and they are progressing positively," Valls said. "We are very interested in that market." Brazil modified an auto pact with Mexico in March to slap a quota on surging imports of Mexican-made cars, a move that many saw as a return to protectionist policies of the past. Brazil is considering raising the three-year bilateral auto trade pact quota, potentially allowing Mexican exporters to sell around $350 million worth of additional vehicles to the Brazilian market annually.

Nissan's third plant in the country is expected to start operations by the end of 2013. Nissan exports to 115 countries from Mexico.