Mexico is the leader in tourism in Latin America. Now, Mexico wants to conquer new peaks in other areas also befitting its new role as the emerging economic powerhouse of the Latin world.

California-based information technology (IT) company, UST Global is setting up two centers in Mexico. The major force behind UST Global's entry into Mexico is Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox. Fox is also the key promoter of the non-profit Centro Fox foundation which has facilitated this move.

Sajan Pillai, CEO of UST Global, said that in three years' time they would set up a services and solutions facility in Leon in Mexico for around 10,000 professionals. Also a centre to train college students would be added in the Mexico project.

Such big ticket investments not only boost the local economy and create jobs for the educated population of Mexico but also give fillip to the real estate in Mexico. With more purchasing power and a bright future ahead, young people buy house which increase the demand for quality housing  from local population. Another side-effect is that when big multinationals set up their facilities in Mexico, lot of expats also come further pushing up the real estate demand.

Fox who was present during the announcement and emphasized on the fact that UST Global's knowledge capital in IT and allied services would play a big role in strengthening Mexico's economy, create more jobs and reduce poverty.

Fox was the Mexican president from 2000-06. During the meet he told reporters that, “Mexico is a leading engine moving the world economy together with India and China. Through this new initiative, we expect to strengthen the Indo-Mexico synergy as this is going to improve the human capital in my country, as we are now looking to change our economy into a knowledge society too."

IT major UST Global specializes in Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Goods, Banking & Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Insurance, Transportation & Logistics and Manufacturing & Utilities. Apart from US, the company currently operates out of Britain, Malaysia and the Philippines.