OnStar, the in-car communication service by General Motors Co. (GM) will be introduced in Mexico next year. This launch is a part of the expansion plan of the company under OnStar’s new leader, Mary Chan as they look to add more markets in the future. Mary Chan hired in May from Dell Inc. (DELL) is the second executive hired by Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson to remake the automaker’s subscription service that provides accident alerts, navigation and other driver assistance.

Chan is looking at more ways for consumers to interact with their vehicle. “Starting as early as 2013, we’re going to start adding more and more capability. Vehicle development cycle is a four-year cycle. Being able to bring those two together and be able to accommodate the innovations in the consumer environment inside the vehicle is something we’re expected to bridge.”

GM has been using the code division multiple access or CDMA technology for Onstar in the U.S. and China. But for Mexico it needs to upgrade the technology so that it functions on the global system for mobile communications or GSM standard. Incorporating GSM into OnStar opens the door to expand into markets that use that technology, including Europe and elsewhere in Latin America.
“We’re making investment in those platforms” that can be expanded “for a global footprint,” Chan said.

Mexico is witnessing growth all around. New towns and cities are been developed, roads are connecting all parts of the country. As Mexico develops its road network and infrastructure as per global standards, car companies are also realizing that the customer expects and demands world class facilities and conveniences.