Last month in an article (Mexico on a Fast Lane: Investments in Mexico Boost Auto Output) it was mentioned that with economy rising up the scale, Mexicans are upgrading their life and auto sales have touched record high. In an update to the same, the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA) stated that auto production in August has gained 12.3 percent to 248,835 vehicles. Exports also rose 10.8 percent with accounts to around 188,392 units of vehicles.

Mexico Auto Production in Top Gear

64 percent of its auto production was exported to the United States. Mexican auto exports to the United States in August rose 19.8 percent, reaching 121,047 units. Number of vehicles shipped to Africa and Asia were also up although the volume wasn’t so large.

Because of the global slowdown during the month of May and June, Mexican manufactured exports suffered a dip. But it gained strength in July giving way for rise in demand for goods from Latin America's second largest economy.  

From a country seen as a developing country to being the host of G20, Mexico has come a long way. Tourism in the country is breaking all records and the peso is gaining strength. It is now been recognized for its potential as a future global leader. It is transforming into the land of opportunity and investors from all over the globe have set their eyes on this region. The coming years shall definitely bring back the lost glory to Mexico.