With magnificent beaches, luxury living and great nightlife both Cancun and Playa del Carmen MLS region are great holiday destinations. Being apart from each other by just few hours, it becomes really difficult to skip visiting both the world class destinations. But at times due to some constraints one has to choose between both the gorgeous locations. One such member on uk.answers.yahoo.com has to make a choice between Cancun and Playa. To help the traveler make the best choice many respondents have posted their suggestions in reply to the query.

Few of them have vouched for Cancun for the following reasons:

  • Cancun is a party city with lots of clubs and a busier atmosphere.
  • Cancun is the more of young party animal scene.
  • For first timers Cancun is the better option with great place to stay, eat and party.

Playa del carmen Beach 

Those suggesting Playa del Carmen have cited the following reasons:

  • Playa del Carmen is a more calmer but great place to have fun and party.
  • Playa del Carmen is closer to a couple of eco-resorts which offer great sightseeing options.
  • The beaches in Playa del Carmen are comparatively better.

Playa del Carmen is great place if you don’t want too much crowd. Playa del Carmen has an international feel to it. One can find people of various nationalities which lends it to an international flavor. It is a place to completely relax and unwind.

For this reason many expats chose to retire and live in one of the many Playa del Carmen retirement communities. Not only do they get plenty of sun and sand but also a close knit and active expat community.

Well be it Cancun or Playa del Carmen, definitely none of the destination is ever going to disappoint anyone. Caribbean is blessed with such exotic locations which allure visitors from all over the globe. With ample of options to choose from, Mexico is one country with many flavors.