Last month news about investments in Mexico claimed new peak, archeological discoveries once again testified the rich legacy of Mexico and new airline services made its connection with the world further stronger. In the investment section the following stories were in limelight:

The above mentioned stories were self explanatory of the fact that a new economic era is ushering in Mexico. The world is investing in the country and even world renowned publications are accepting to the fact. With such positive growth, the country is definitely a superpower in making.

After economics, let us go back to history. Apart from the standing legacies in form of ruins in various parts of the country, new discoveries provide support to the fact that Mexico had a very rich legacy. Also many customs and cuisines of today’s Mexico is an influence of the past. The archeological stories of last month are enlisted as below:

Tourism business always attract people from all over the world as this Cancun Travel Mart will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Merry making never ceases in as we reported that the 2nd Festival of Caribbean Culture is scheduled to take place in November.

Apart from these events even laurels earned by the country give a reason for celebration. This time Mexico has emerged as the favorite destination of Koreans and the Tequila Country Retains World Heritage Site status.

These extraordinary feats have been possible because of the feedback given by tourists and to attract more tourists, better connectivity is of prime importance. Therefore new flights services have been launched from Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie to Riviera Nayarit. Also services to Mexican destinations from John Wayne Airport by Interjet will be flagged off soon.

These news items reveal that Mexico’s growth is accelerating and people from all over the globe are identifying the country as a top luxury destination. The wheels of fortune are in the country’s side and this will create a new, prosperous history for Mexico.