Good news for investors in Mexico as a recent article by Wall Street Journal established the fact that while other markets are hitting low, Mexican stocks are on an upward move. Following are the highlights from the article:
  • Mexico's IPC stock-market index has been on a record-breaking streak. While the index is up 9.8% in 2012, the rise is 16.5% in U.S. dollar terms, making Mexico one of the world's best-performing emerging markets.

  • Mexico's economy grew 4.1% in the second quarter from a year earlier amid strong domestic demand, according to recent data released. The country has now notched 10 quarters in a row of year-on-year growth after coming out of recession in 2009.

  • After years in the shadow of other emerging markets, especially Brazil, Mexico now has potentially wide-reaching domestic changes in its favor, strategists at Nomura Securities pointed out.

  • Mexico could overtake Brazil as Latin America's biggest economy in a decade, Nomura said, as changes in Mexico speed up and its manufacturing sector expands while Brazil struggles with its reliance on commodity exports and Chinese demand. Nomura forecasts Mexico's GDP will grow 3.7% this year, versus 1.9% in Brazil. The Federal Reserve forecasts the U.S. will grow 1.9% to 2.4%.

  • The value of Mexico's bank loans is outstanding only 25% of GDP—on par with Nigeria and Peru.

  • Mr. Langham of RBC says the country's credit markets have room for a huge expansion, which would spur consumption and bank stocks.

  • Heiner Skaliks, portfolio manager of Strategic Latin America Fund, believes Mexico will see sustained growth in consumer demand amid better access to credit, which will trickle through to companies' bottom lines.
Dignitaries such as Geoffrey Pazzanese of Federated Investors vouched for such positive growth and commented that low debt-to-gross-domestic-product ratio and shrinking trade deficit also are positive forces. This makes Mexico his biggest bet.

With such positive remarks and growth, Mexico is truly emerging as a global power. Seems like that the 2012 Mayan Calendar prophesy is already doing its trick by ushering a new economic era in the country. It can now be established without any doubt that Mexico is sure to see the future in brighter light.