Mexican industry especially Aerospace is buzzing with activity this season. There has been hectic activity, be it launch of new flights (Virgin Atlantic in Cancun and Spirit airlines to fly to Cancun) and now more good news - JJ Churchill Engineering, the precision machining specialists is setting up their new plant in Mexico. The company announced an investment of £6 million for a new facility in Sonora for the manufacturing of compressor aerofoils. The turbine blades manufacturing company has signed an agreement with Mexican partner company, The Offshore Group, to make gas turbine components. This is the company's first overseas manufacturing venture and will create more job opportunities in Mexico as well as increase the company’s turnover by millions of pounds.

Andrew Churchill, managing director at JJ Churchill informed that Sonora was chosen after a careful review of several other low cost countries and other Mexican states. The fact that JJ Churchill could find most of the required special processes and services essential to the manufacturing of its products within a radius of eight miles has played a significant role in the decision of the company to establish in Guaymas, Sonora. There is no other cluster with such level of integration. It is expected that the expansion will help the company's annual turnover grow from the current £23 million to £50 million by 2019. The investment of £3 million in the first three years will create 40 jobs in the plant.

The Offshore Group will build the new plant and oversee local administration, while JJ Churchill will lease the site and oversee the manufacturing. Work on the plant is expected to start this year and will open by the end of 2013. Mr Churchill said the Mexican base will mean it can supply parts for turbine manufacturers across the NAFTA area without having to worry about import/export duties and sales and corporation taxes. He also added that they have chosen Mexico for its location and not cheap labor. The deal for the new plant was signed at the British Ambassador's residence in Mexico City, with support from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).

UK is Mexico's fifth largest investor, having spent more than £5 billion there since 2000. Such investments are always a boon for the local economy because of the job opportunities created and the community development which takes place along it. This makes Mexico a very promising investment opportunity with reaping benefits.

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